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1.    Facebook Disabled – Ineligible
https://www. facebook. com/help/contact/317389574998690 

Additional info –
Dear Facebook Team, My Name Is (Your Name). My Facebook Name Is (Your Name). My Personal Facebook Account Disabled. That Was My Real Facebook Account. I Believe Me My Facebook Account Disabled By Mistake. Please Give Me Back My Disabled Facebook Account. Thanks Facebook Team.

2.    My Personal Account Was Disabled
https://www. ct/2607496039 72907?refid=69

3.    Confirm your identity with Facebook

https://www.f acebook. com/h elp/contact/183000765122339

4.    Accessing and downloading your Facebook information

https://www. facebook .com/help/c ntact/180237885820953


  • So how to identify if your Facebook account has been disabled?
  • Why was your Facebook Account Disabled?
  • How can I recover my Disabled Facebook account?
  • How long it takes for Facebook to review appeal for Disabled Account?
  •  What else will you loose additionally if your FB Account gets Permanent Disable? (For Some Severe Violations)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):Can I recover my Disabled Facebook Account without Email?
  • Why Facebook Disabled my account for no reason?
  • Can People find me on Facebook if my account is Disabled?
  • I got a reply that my Appeal is ‘Rejected’ and declared as “Permanent Disable”. So what to do next?If my Facebook Account is Disabled, can I make a new one?






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