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Disabled Facebook Accounts

If your account is disabled, you won’t be able to log in. Please keep in mind that there are many reasons why an account might be disabled, and we handle each of these cases differently.
My Account’s Disabled
How do I know if my Facebook account has been disabled?
If your Facebook account has been disabled, you’ll see a message saying your account is disabled when you try to log in. If you don’t see a disabled message when you try to log in, you might be having a different login problem. Learn how to fix problems with logging in.
Why is my account disabled?
We disable Facebook accounts that might not follow the Facebook Terms. Some examples include:
  • Posting content that doesn’t follow the Facebook Terms.
  • Using a fake name.
  • Impersonating someone.
  • Continuing behavior that’s not allowed on Facebook and goes against our Community Standards.
  • Contacting other people for the purpose of harassment, advertising, promoting, or other conduct that’s not allowed.
What can I do if my account has been disabled?
If you think your account was disabled by mistake, please use this form to request a review.
Keep in mind that in some cases we may not issue a warning before disabling your account. We also can’t restore accounts that were disabled for severe violations. Learn more about how we define severe violations from the Facebook Community Standards.
If your friend’s account is disabled, they’ll need to submit an appeal using the email that was connected to their Facebook account.
Please keep in mind that we can’t release information about an account to anyone but the account holder, and we won’t take action on any appeals sent in on behalf of friends.
Learn more about what we allow on Facebook in our Facebook Community Standards.
Your child can submit an appeal using the email that was connected to their Facebook account. Note that, because Facebook members 13 and older are considered authorized account holders, we can’t give you information about the account or take any action on the account at your request.
Learn more about what we allow on Facebook in our Community Standards.

Try Guided Help

Our guided help tool can walk you through the steps to resolve your issue.
Get Started
If your friend can’t get into their account because it was taken over by someone else, please show them the Hacked Accounts section of the Help Center so we can help. They can also visit this page to begin securing their account.
If your friend is medically incapacitated and unable to use Facebook, we might be able to help you remove their account. If your friend’s condition is reversible, we can deactivate the account instead of deleting it. That way, when this person recovers they can log back in and reopen the account.
If your friend passed away, please report their profile to be memorialized. Memorializing an account helps keep it secure by preventing anyone from logging into it.
It’s possible that your friend’s account is compromised. This could be caused by:
  • Malicious software or a computer virus.
  • Compromised login information due to phishing.

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