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How to Earn Money Online without Investment?

 In today’s world, everybody needs some easy money. Nobody likes to be dependent on anyone. Be it a part-time job or any freelance project, people are always on the lookout for an additional source of income. With the COVID-19 pandemic kicking in hard, people have embraced the whole work-from-home situation whole-heartedly. Though many mainstream companies are now offering flexible work-from-home opportunities, there are many other ways to earn a steady stream of income. People who have to stay at home and cannot move out can choose from any of the given options and start their online careers. It does not just give the convenience of earning from home but also the satisfaction of earning money and becoming financially more independent.


Many successful websites today like NDTV Gadgets had started with humble beginnings as a blog. It is easy to start a blog of your own on any subject of your interest.  Today there is a large potential for local language blogs as many blogs are available in English already. Consistently publishing unique articles on a regular basis is a sure shot way to gain success. Any platform having a 100,000 viewership is classified as a blog currently.


Photography is also a means to earn money online. You simply need a good camera and photography skills. You can then sell your stock to an interested website for a decent amount.

 Graphic Designing

Similar to Software development, a company/ website also needs good graphics to attract viewers. They usually prefer freelance designers as it is more economical for them to hire freelance workers. Graphic designing is a very lucrative online career option today.


A Search Engine Optimization or SEO specialist is expected to analyze, review, and implement changes to websites so they are optimized for search engines. It is his/ her job to make your website more visible so that it ranks high in a Google search. A lot of data is available on the internet on how to gain SEO knowledge and sharpen your skills in this field. 


PPC (Pay per Click) is another upcoming trend in the online work arena. It is a commission-based earning for the website owner or blogger that new companies or startups usually pay on the basis of impressions or clicks it received through the particular website/ blog.

YouTube Video

YouTube is gaining rapid popularity after coming 4G network. For people who cannot write, they can resort to creating their own channel on YouTube and become powerful YouTube influencers in specific industry. There are approx. 50 industries existing in the market. YouTube has a lot of scope national & regional. Since people from different regions are more adept at following their own local language, YouTube is rapidly gaining local level trust.

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