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5 Great Work-From-Home Job

If you’re interested in finding a work-from-home job that suits both your interests and your desire to stay at home with your children, check out these 5 options.

1. Social Media Specialist

Average Pay: $41,945 per year⁵.

What You’ll Do: Social media specialists are in charge of managing different social media accounts. You’ll create and schedule posts designed to boost engagement, ensure companies’ social media presences are strong, and even handle content or ads. You can also help brainstorm new content for future social media ventures.

2. Data Entry Specialist

Average Pay: $35,833 per year².

What You’ll Do: A data entry specialist deals with data – and you can work with data of any kind. This role typically involves strong keyboard skills, as you’ll be working with many spreadsheets. You’ll carefully enter data wherever it’s needed, ensuring that the data is correct and properly reported.

3. Computer Troubleshooting Technician

Average Pay: $22 per hour, or approximately $45,738 per year⁷.

What You’ll Do: Work to solve IT problems and answer questions about computer software and hardware. Like any company’s in-house IT department, a remote computer troubleshooting technician can diagnose technical issues, walk individuals through solutions, and even fix problems remotely with online access.

4. Customer Service Representative

Average Pay: $17 per hour, or approximately $35,934 per year¹.

What You’ll Do: Customer service representatives typically work for a company, answering customer questions via phone calls or over email. The role involves responding to questions, hunting down customer information, and providing solutions to problems. You can work full- or part-time, jumping in to help customers whenever you have free time.

5. Translator

Average Pay: $32 per hour, or approximately $67,343 per year⁴.

What You’ll Do: Translators can work with either written documents, audio files, or films. You’ll translate the content from one language to another. You can either work for a company who needs consistent translation, or you can pick up projects and assignments as needed as a freelancer.

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