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20+ Types of Sales Funnel: A-to-Z Guide for Beginners!

20+ Types of Sales Funnel: A-to-Z Guide for Beginners!

If you are an affiliate marketer. And want to sell some. So I will tell you about 20+ Types of Sales Funnel, so if you want to know about them, then keep reading this article. Because I am going to provide you complete information about this. So let’s get started.

As you all know, Sales Funnel is a kind of process by which a customer buys a product. You can also call it a way of selling. Sales funnel creates a strong relationship between the customer and the seller of the service or product. Due to which the chances of the product being sold or sold increase more. The main objective of the sales funnel is to collect customer information and sell your product through that information.

And you do not need to tell that the sales funnel is like a framework, by working on which you can increase your business. This sales funnel structure consists of different stages. And these stages tell how the customer has bought the product.

So let’s quickly get complete information about different types of sales funnels without wasting any time. So let’s know.

20+ Types of Sales Funnel!

Often you will be buying and selling products through Sales Funnel, but we only know some Sales Funnel. But today I am going to tell you about the different types of Sales Funnel, which it is.

1. Sales Letter Funnel

This funnel uses a long-form sales letter to sell the product or service upfront. The sales letter sells your front-end product, and then you have upsells and down sells immediately after the main offer to increase the average cart value.

2. Squeeze Page Funnel

Use curiosity to generate leads with this simple two-page sales funnel. The goal of a squeeze page is to get your visitor to give you their email address. These pages have very few other distractions. Oftentimes, not even a logo on the page or any complicated footers or extra links. The #1 secret to getting the highest conversion rate on a squeeze page is to use a curiosity-based headline. Then they have to put in their email address and click “submit” to figure out the answer to the question. So this is the 2nd Type of Sales Funnel.

3. Video Sales Letter Funnel

A video sales letter funnel has a video that makes the sale for your product or service. Often times people will hide the “Add To Cart” button until after the video has revealed the price. This isn’t necessary, but simple to do inside of ClickFunnels. The video sales letter sells your product, you can include an Order Form Bump on the order form, and then we normally have an upsell and potentially a down sale.

4. Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel

Give value first, then ask for their email with a reverse squeeze funnel. Use a Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel to give before you take. Give away some of your best information and items before asking for a visitor to opt-in. Then, ask customers to “opt-in for more” after they watch the video.

5. Invisible Funnel

Sell access to an event, but charge them after it’s over if they like it. Invisible Funnels work by giving away a lot of value for free upfront and only charging if the customer liked what they received. It’s like going to a restaurant and only paying if you liked the food. Although it is free to attend, visitors register their seat after a Video Sales Letter on the first page by entering their credit card information even though no money is charged.

6. Lead Magnet Funnel

Give people an ethical bribe in exchange for their email addresses. A lead magnet funnel is similar to the other opt-in funnels, except you are actually giving away something in exchange for their email address. It may be a report or video, but it’s typically something tangible that they are exchanging for their email address. So this is the 6th Type of Sales Funnel.

7. Webinar Funnel

This funnel will get people to register and attend your webinar events. The Webinar Funnel gives the entrepreneur more time to close potential customers at a higher price point, as most webinars are at least one hour long, and gives more time to address the false beliefs of customers. Webinar Funnels are an “event” and are broken into two phases.

8. Application Funnel

Have people apply to work with you through an application funnel. Application Funnels work by using a “take away” sale, where the potential client must ‘apply’ to become a client. It lets you qualify people to work with you and is used often in high-end coaching and consulting.

9. Product Launch Funnel

Built anticipation for your new product with our product launch funnels. The Product Launch Funnel lets an entrepreneur build anticipation before a customer is allowed to buy a product. Small marketing “previews” about the product are sent, usually, at least a day apart, to build scarcity and urgency for the final day when the “cart opens” and customers may buy for a limited time. A defining feature of the Product Launch Funnel is closing the cart after a few days. This concept was pioneered by Jeff Walker and helped thousands of entrepreneurs to launch new companies overnight. So this is the 9th Type of Sales Funnel.

10. Cancellation Funnel

The Cancellation Funnel is used when a customer is trying to either refund, cancel a service, or return a product. Many times they are canceling because they don’t understand something about what you offer. Doing a quiz first lets you figure out what their specific concern is, and then you can try to save the sale on the next page. This can drastically reduce refunds, cancellations, and churn.

11. Membership Funnel

Create a membership site and sell access to it through this funnel. Membership Funnels were created to sell people into membership sites, paid newsletters, and more. There are different ways you could sell a membership site (for example, with a webinar or a sales letter), but in this template, we will be using a video sales letter. On the first page, someone will typically signup for some type of trial. On the Thank You Page, they get a link to create their account in the member’s area. Users create their own unique username and password and content unlocks based on the user’s specific purchases.

12. Survey Funnel

Find out who your visitors are first and then send them into the right funnel. A survey funnel has two main purposes. The first is to help your visitors engage with you more because they are required to answer questions and make micro-commitments. The second is it allows you to figure out who your visitors are, and then you can show them a different sales message based on who they are.

13. 2-Step Trip Wire Funnel

Use a low ticket front-end product and then upsell them your others products. A Tripwire is a low ticket front-end product that is so irresistible people have to purchase it. After they put in their credit card, you can then upsell them your more expensive products through Order Form Bumps and One Click Upsells or Downsells. The ‘Two-Step’ gets its name from the Two-Step Order Form used on the first page of this funnel-type. So this is the thirteenth Types of Sales Funnel.

14. Live Demo Funnel

Demonstrate your product through your own live demo funnel. The Live Demo Funnel is a great way to show off your product by you simply using it in front of your customers. This gives the entrepreneur a way to answer live questions and demonstrate their product. Do this by hosting a periodic live show that others can also attend live. Remind viewers where they can get the product you’re showing and keep additional episodes below.

15. Hero Funnel

Let people know who you are and how to connect with you. Use a Hero Funnel to showcase you as the entrepreneur, your story, and build a list of followers while you do so. This funnel starts by sharing some of your bios, getting people to join your email newsletter, and then asking them to follow you on your social media accounts.

16. Homepage Funnel

A traditional “website” that pushes people into your core sales funnels. The Home Page Funnel lets the entrepreneur have elements of a traditional “home page” website, but turns it into an actual lead funnel. The first page tells the story of the business and invites visitors to opt-in. They can also choose from the most popular products featured below. As opposed to the Hero Funnel, which highlights the entrepreneur, a home page funnel is good at featuring the business’ origins with several popular products.

17. Ask Campaign Funnel

Find out what your customers actually want before you create it for them. Use an Ask Campaign funnel at all stages of your business to find out what customers actually want. Typically, the open-ended question is phrased, “What’s Your #1 Question/Challenge With XYZ?” Customer responses become the basis of your offers and help you discover the false-beliefs potential customers will experience before they’ll give you money. You can also offer the product as a gift if they respond to your campaign.

18. Auto Webinar Funnel

Create auto webinars that automatically sell your products around the clock. The Auto Webinar Funnel is used after an entrepreneur has proven their offer several times previously in the Webinar Funnel. The major difference in this funnel is that the historically best converting webinar is uploaded online (YouTube, Vimeo, etc) and is embedded in its own “Webinar Broadcast Page.”

19. Daily Deal Funnel

Make an irresistible offer to get new customers (Nickname: Groupon Funnel) Companies like Living Social and Groupon made the Daily Deal Funnel famous by getting companies to make an irresistible offer to get new clients into the front door. You can quickly create an offer, and run it as an evergreen campaign to consistently get new people into your business. Begin with a Two-Step Order Page where you make the special offer, then on the Thank You Page, encourage your customers to share the same deal with their friends. So this is the Nineteen Types of Sales Funnel.

20. Storefront Funnel

A traditional eCommerce “website” that pushes people into your core funnels. The Storefront Funnel is a small funnel that is similar to window shopping. It’s a single page where all of your products sit together with links to other individual funnels and products. It mimics a more traditional eCommerce website, but each product pushes into a funnel that efficiently sales that product

And if you want complete practical information about Sales Funnel, then you can watch this video. And now if you want, you can also read this article related to it.

So I hope that you have liked our article 20+ Types of Sales Funnel and if you still have any questions and suggestions related to this, then you can tell us in the comment box below. And thank you very much for reading this article.

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